Saturday, 2 February 2013

Vintage celery vases.

Ebay is probably my number one website for just about anything. Whether I'm selling or hunting it is rare for a day to go by without a quick glance.It really is the most peculiar of places. If you are hunting for something specific it will certainly be there. Having spent months hunting props down for plays in the past ebay made the oddest of props a doddle to find.

BUT! I have rules. Number one. No looking at things you aren't looking for. Suddenly a previously unwanted item becomes a must have, especially if it's only 99p. Occasionally however things just pop up so I've just bought a Victorian celery vase!

Apparently in the the 19th Century celery was a delicacy as it took a lot of care and attention to grow. Having splashed out on the status symbol the only way to display was in a celery vase filled with water on the dining table.

I don't like celery!

But I thought that this rather pretty pressed glass celery vase would look splendid with a candle inside it.

And it does!

Cost: £12

Time taken: None worth mentioning!

Pretty darn good! It's quite a sturdy vase so could also be used for sweets or indeed as a flower vase.

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