Sunday, 3 February 2013

A host of golden daffodils.

I would be the first to admit the title is not that original! But daffs really are one of my favorite flowers. Partly because they are one of the very few flowers I allow myself to buy for myself as they are cheap and cheerful. Partly because I love buying them tightly shut and watching them explode open. I swear I can see them moving sometimes. Partly because it means Spring is on the way.

I am away from home at my in laws this week and in my room there is a bunch of daffs in a pretty jug which have just exploded.

Oh and the other flowers I allow myself to buy are winter hyacinths in a pot. Again they are cheap and cheerful but they are an AMAZING smell, last ages and you can hear them growing creakily.

Cost: About a quid for a nice bunch from a supermarket. Unless you are given them by nice people of course!

Verdict: Fabulous!

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