Sunday, 17 February 2013

An easy chickeny honey and mustard winter warmer

I may have already mentioned that the humble slow cooker is AMAZING! Few things beat coming in from the cold to a house full of warm cooking smells. I  usually prepare everything while cooking the night before to keep the work level down.

This chickeny, honey and mustard winter warmer is absurdly easy for something that tastes so good.It also freezes well so I always make loads. This is for 4 servings

First brown off the chicken in a frying pan with a small slug of oil. I always use legs and thighs. Cheap enough to be able to buy happy chickens and full of flavour. put in the slow cooker or casserole dish.

Then fry up some onions using the fat in the pan. I reckon on one ordinary sized onion per 3 servings. When they are nicely brown put them in the dish with the onions. Add a two tablespoonfuls of mustard and honey and enough chicken stock to cover everything. Season with black pepper.

I switch the slow cooker on before going to work, setting it for 9 hours. It can also go in the oven on a mid heat for around 4 hours.

I get home from work and it looks like this:

Beautifully cooked but a but watery so I shove it all in a casserole dish and put it on a high heat to reduce everything down. I usually put a few jacket potatoes in to make the most of the heat. When the potatoes are ready (about 90 minutes later) the chicken will look a bit like this:

Served with potatoes and some veggies (I like mange tout) it is flipping fantastic.

Time taken. About 20mins plus cooking time.

Cost: Around £5

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