Thursday, 14 February 2013

A DIY Valentine's card

I am a sentimental sausage about many things but Valentine's Day is not one of them. Somewhere along the lines the meaning of Valentines day has been lost. It used to be the day in which the single man or woman would pluck up the courage to tell their unsuspecting beloved that they loved them in the hope of their feelings being reciprocated. Instead it has turned into a day disliked by most single people as they are surrounded by couples being mushy at great expense just because they have been told they should every 14th February.

However I am still a sentimental sausage! My Matey and I spent our first Valentines Day together by accident. We had only been together a short time and agreed not to do Valentine's. However we were both in a play together, had agreed to do the mail out and it just so happened that the only day we could both get together to stuff programmes into envelopes was the 14th February. We watched 'Ratatouille' and ate pizza. The next year I was yet again in a play and yet again envelopes needed stuffing. We agreed that we would plump for 'Finding Nemo' and a takeaway Thai. Thus a tradition has evolved. A Disney/Pixar film and a takeaway. The envelope stuffing is optional! (I'll admit that a card and a small pressie to the value of £5 might have crept in....)

This year Valentine's has crept up on us out of nowhere. Neither of us have had the time to think about it. At the weekend we agreed to buy ourselves the 5th series of Mad Men instead of a pressie. (13 hours of Mad Men on the sofa with my Matey is better than any trinket.) But a card was still needed.

I don't like most Valentine's cards. But then inspiration struck! I spotted one of these:
Not quite my cup of tea to have out all the time.......but for a card.......perhaps of the places we went on our honeymoon seven months ago........Hooray!

Google maps provided the 5 locations. Canterbury, Matlock, Harrogate, Lake District and, because I really am a silly sentimental sausage, Home.

Publisher provided the heart shape.

A bit of card, some nifty snipping:

 Some mildly hair-raising gluing, a bit more snipping and Voila!

The heart at the back looked a little sparse so I attempted to hand draw an arrow going though where our house it. I'm not great at drawing.....

Cost: About 15p

Time taken: About half an hour.

Oh and the film we chose was Mary Poppins. 

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