Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Meet the Aspirational Mouse.

The Aspirational Mouse came about like all good things. By accident.

When stetting up my business Mountain & Molehill I wanted an image that was more interesting than a logo but gave something of what I do for designers who are just starting out. An early name for the business was Mice & Molehills so it naturally evolved from there.

But I needed a mouse. Fortunately one of my Matey's friends is an illustrator Benjamin T Mills so I gave him a budget he was happy to work within and we had a chat. I wanted a mouse who was thinking big, no hiding in shadows. My best description was 'He needs to be Aspirational'. Ben was very polite about this frankly useless description of what I wanted and gave me lots of sketches to choose from. But the aspirational mouse was born.

Why did I choose to call this blog 'Aspirational Mouse'? Because I liked the name and at a feisty 5'2 could well be described as an Aspirational Mouse. (Or possibly a Pixie Pirate.)

I am about to embark on the first trade show under the Mountain & Molehill banner and my very lovely cousin offered to make me a perspex cutout of the mouse for the stand. Isn't he lovely?

I'm trying to decide where to put him post show. It feel wrong to just pack him away. He is quite large though.

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