Friday, 22 February 2013

My new bits and bobs box restoration- Part 3, a mini update

Don't worry! We are very nearly there. This is more of a reminder post while I wait for the materials to finish it all off.

A lot of grime has been removed and a lot of elbow wax has gone into the wood which is really starting to glow. I used a layer of Liberon wax to give it a nourishment and to help bring the colour back up. I was going to use a layer of Briwax on top to bring it all to a shine. Unfortunately when I opened the tin I discovered that the small amount I had left had almost totally dried out. I ended up melting it in an old bowl over a saucepan of boiling water and adding some equally old beeswax. The whole lot was then poured into an eggcup lined with clingfilm and left to harden. This left me with a rather handy crayon of wax which went on beautifully. A starter blast of polishing with a drill attachment did the lions work and a final hand polish did the tricky bit.

While all this was happening I was soaking the rusty lock in white vinegar. A few hours later and a bit of a scrub it went from this:
To this:

 (Note the shiny wood please!)

Having done all this, the tray which some clever person had carefully made was starting to look a bit rubbish next to the newly shiny wood.................. I bought a little matchpot and painted it:

 Next stop the fun fabric bits.

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