Friday, 28 June 2013

With a twist

I only ever make cakes when there is a purpose behind it. It doesn't need to be a big reason, having a cuppa with a friend is as good as any.  Half the point of making a cake is it's sharing qualities. Also I can't be sitting at home scoffing cake all day. However with a surfeit of citrus fruit in the house last night a lemon cake was made with reason behind it!

With a twist.... two lemons and two limes. The zest went into the cake as usual. Cake baked, time for a really sharp topping. The juice of the fruit went into a saucepan with four tablespoons of limoncello.  Limoncello does have a lot of sugar in it already but I would say that my taste does veer toward the tart side so you may want to add a little sugar. This was then reduced down to about two tablespoons worth and poured over the cake..

Top Tip: Put the cake back in the cake tin when pouring the topping over it. This makes the cake gorgeously moist and stops the topping going everywhere except on the cake.

It takes about half an hour for the topping to sink into the cake and set a little. The result is a gloriously sharp topping which is smoothed out by the sweetness of the cake.

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