Friday, 7 June 2013

Hot weather on the way....Lemonade time!

Having looked at this weeks weather forecast  I am happy to say it looks like it might be gloriously hot for a while....Time to make lemonade.

Lemonade conjurers up a conflicting image in my head of Enid Blyton style adventures, freckles and mud combined with floating around in a fabulous 30s gown saying that it is "Simply too hot for tennis." (I have a feeling that I have just disclosed my inner psyche.)

Life is too short to make lemonade isn't it? Actually no. It is jolly easy and takes no time at all. It's also a spiffing way to use up lemons that are threatening to go off. This recipe owes much to the one in Jane Brocket's splendid book 'Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer' but I find that it works best when I follow the method but add the ingredients in what I feel are the right quantities for that day.

Lemons - I do vary this wildly depending on what I've got and how lemony I want it to be but as a guide 4 lemons will make 1 litre of lemonade.
White Sugar

1. Wash the lemons to get rid of any supermarket gunk.
2. Roll them like they are a rolling pin on a hard surface. It helps the juice come out more easily so you get everything possible from the fruit.
3. Gently peel the the zest off with a potato peeler.
4. Put the zest in a bowl or jug, juice the lemons and put the whole lot into the bowl. Yes; include the juiced lemon, lots of flavour there. Add water and leave for as long as you can. Overnight is the ideal goal.
5. Strain the lemonade to get rid of all the lemons and start adding sugar. This is a personal thing. I reckon on a teaspoonful per glassful plus one for luck but then I like it quite sharp. Keep adding sugar till you like it! (You may also want to add more water.)

Pour a glass with plenty of ice and a sprig of mint and enjoy the fact that it is too hot for tennis but that the old castle seems to have a mysterious amount of activity going on which must be investigated.


  1. It really is yummy. It's also a very good alternative to wine, especially if made a little on the sharp side.


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