Friday, 5 April 2013

Letter bunting for presents

As my Matey works in chocolate I am rather spoilt when it comes to Easter eggs. This pretty thing was this years present.

Too pretty to eat really.....until last night when it was destroyed and scoffed with great pleasure.(I think that the snowflakes are meant to be daisies but this year snow does seem more accurate.)

The trouble with a Matey who works in chocolate is that a Smarties egg just won't cut it. To be honest most chocolate won't come close to the stuff he is surrounded by each day so each Easter I have to come up with something innovative. This year there was only one thing that felt right:

Ahem. Private joke. I can't explain it because you'll think I'm bonkers.

I adore wrapping presents. Few things are nicer than making a present look enticing while imagining the recipients face when getting it. Currently I have bit of a thing about decorating a simply wrapped parcel with cut out bunting of letters in jolly colours. It looks fabulous and as though it took ages but it really doesn't and is a pleasant task to do while watching the tellybox.

Computer with Word or Publisher
Thick but pointy needle
String or embroidery thread


1. Create your letters in Word or Publisher. I like to use the Word Art function in Publisher as I find it gives me more control over size and colours. Once you have the letters right choose which colours you want and fill in both the body and the lines of the letters. 

Top Tip: If you want each letter to be a different colour you will need to have a text box for each letter.

2. Print onto the card.

3. Cut out the letters. Nail scissors or a scalpel can be handy for the fiddly bits.

4. Using the needle make two holes on either side of the letter. You can use one hole but I find the letters hang better with two. Gently pull the needle all the way through the card. Giving the needle a little twist as you go helps with this.

5. Thread the needle with the string or embroidery thread and string the letters together.

6. Stick one end of the thread to the back of the present. take the other end and gently pull it taut before sticking it down. Adjust the letters to look splendid and wait to see the lucky person who is getting it.

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