Monday, 22 April 2013

Dead easy frozen berry yoghurt

My Matey likes a pud after dinner. It doesn't have to be big but just a little something. Usually the request is met with slightly helpless we-don't-have-anything from me followed by a trip to the satsumas in the fridge from him. This weekend though I was inspired by I-don't-know-what to make up a frozen yoghurt pud with some frozen berries that were in the freezer and a pot of yoghurt that needed eating. Entirely made up on the spot but very successful and easy. Most importantly it doesn't need an ice-cream maker.

Ingredients to serve 4-5
500g pot of natural yoghurt
4 handfuls of frozen berries (most supermarkets sell bags of frozen fruit and they are really handy to have in the freezer.)
Sugar (or honey) to taste


1. Put the pot of yoghurt in the freezer for a few hours. When it is fairly frozen but still a little squishy it is ready to blend.

2. Take the berries out 10 minutes before you are ready to blend with the yoghurt. This isn't essential but it does give the blender a bit of a chance as the berries can be rock hard.

3. Put the almost frozen yoghurt into a blender and add the four handfuls of berries. (I have quite small hands so adjust this to your taste.) Add around two tablespoons of sugar. You shouldn't need more than this but don't be tempted to avoid it as the mix is very mouth-puckering without a little sugar.

4. When everything is nicely blended together put it all into a container and return to the freezer for about 45 minutes to allow it all to firm up nicely. (It can be eaten right away but it hasn't got that satisfying ice-cream like texture.)

This is a pud to eat on the day, because it hasn't been churned in an ice-cream maker. If you save some for the next day it will go rock hard. This can be salvaged by letting it melt a bit and giving it a bit of a whizz in the blender. I think it is the perfect thing for a dinner party as it can be made before people arrive and left in the freezer to firm up in time for dessert.

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