Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sorting out the bathroom - Part 1

I have a rather lovely rolltop bath which I adore. The few occasions in which I indulge in a bath really are indulgences as it it is larger than normal so perfect for a long hot wallow.

On a day to day basis however a shower suffices. BUT! The flipping shower rail keeps coming down. Yes I have put it up properly. Four times. Each time it slowly comes down over the course of several months. I try to pretend it isn't happening until it gets to the point that I admit that I can put my fingers behind the bracket 'holding' it to the wall.

This time I refused point blank to re-mount the thing again. Fed up, bored, had enough!

It was still falling down. A solution was needed whether I liked it or not. In essence the problem was simple. The rail was too heavy for the fixings so the cantilever effect was dragging it down. It needed another bracket or two to hold the rail to the ceiling. Couldn't find such a thing.

How about a ceiling mounted shower rail? They cost £250. OUCH! Ebay? Price is down to £100. Very  tempting but still not great.

How about finding a metal hoop to attach to ceiling? Apart from expensive hula hoops I couldn't find anything that would work.

Just as I was getting to the point of resorting to string I found these:

Perfect they are not. But at £20 for two more doable than the other options. Figuring that this solution looked a lot better than the current situation of the rail hanging off the wall, and who spends hours staring at shower rails anyway, I went for it.

Ahem! The only thing is that I then got it into my head that it might be a good plan to re-do the bathroom. Having just sold a few bits and bobs on e-bay I had a nice £75 budget to play with and this weekend saw me up a ladder painting the ceiling and the white parts. Already it looks a whole lot brighter and cleaner.

The next stage is choosing colour. It has always been a vibrant marine blue which I rather like but perhaps it's time for a change? So I've just had some testers sent from Dulux. (£1 for 3 on their website, much cheaper than going to a shop.)

Love this stage. It's the naughtiness of painting and scribbling on the wall.

I should add that the weekends industry was fueled by Golden Syrup cake and the paint drying moments were made all the more interesting by episodes of The Good Life.

It may not have been made in my lifetime but it tickles my funny bone.

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