Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Decorating Challenge: The Kitchen - Part 1

Having sold an impressive £120 worth of stuff on eBay......more than I expecting...yippee! It was time to tackle the kitchen. The main reason for this is that it is the second smallest room in the house so it wouldn't be to much disruption. Or so I thought

After much discussion we decided that we liked the old combination of red and cream. So time for some more testers (Yes we are sticking with Dulux again. I can't bear to spend £10 on a few tester pots when I can get 6 for £2) and some 'before shots' into the bargain.

As you can see there is one twist to our sticking to the red and off white. We are reversing it. The one large red wall is turning white and the rest is turning red. In theory there will be less red on show as it will be covered by the cupboards but what can be seen will be set off nicely with the wood cupboards and make much more of a statement.

And so it this is a truly nasty sight. The old paint, which I thought was clean, next to the new paint. YUCK!

At the end of the first day I was getting a tad depressed at the sight of the mess so I painted a small corner with the red (Burnt Autumn 1 - I think I'm enjoying the daft paint names too much) to show me that there was an end in sight and it was all going to be ok eventually.

A bit of paint sploshing around, this is a tad of an the end of two days painting we were both knackered, and we are getting there. Just have to wait till the weekend to do the next and rather exciting bit. For the time being it's a bit like camping with half our stuff in boxes:

(Note the new position for the cupboard....crazy times!)

This wall is waiting for the truly exciting part.......

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