Thursday, 25 July 2013

Possibly biting off more than I can chew

Having finally come up with an idea to make it work we started tackling the spare 'oom the other day. More specifics at a later date as it is in a bit of a mid way phase at the moment. One of the biggest changes I came up with to get rid of the wardrobe (guests only need a hook on the back of the door really)  and put a nice comfy chair with some books in the newly created space.

Hunting down the perfect armchair  proved out of our budget. "I know!" I thought merrily. "I'll just buy a lovely old chair and re-upholster it. I've looked online. It looks easy."

This was how we ended up with this:

At 99p on eBay this fitted into our budget. Just got to re-cover it is easy isn't it? I have an armchair to re-cover, a load of online lessons and a rather optimistic amount of willpower.

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